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Trips to Alaska

Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world are drawn to scenic Alaska! The magnificent state of Alaska features fjords, glaciers, rivers, and magnificent mountain ranges, and is also home to the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis! We've compiled the best Alaska tours here, including superb sightseeing tours led by professional guides and a wide choice of authentic activities to spice up your trip.
The natural beauty of Alaska is a magnet for nature lovers worldwide. This fantastic state is filled with stunning fjords, glacier-filled rivers, gorgeous lakes, and majestic mountain ranges, making it a dream place for artists. In addition, Alaska boasts the out of this world Aurora Borealis, one of nature's most magical phenomena. Sounds like the ideal setting for a memorable vacation, doesn't it? We have gathered the best tours to Alaska on this page, including downtown hotels with a great downtown feel, existing sightseeing tours with English-speaking guides, and a wide range of authentic activities to spice up your trip. Plan your Alaska vacation today and start your next great adventure!

Alaska Trip Packages

A one-of-a-kind travel experience awaits you on an Alaskan tour. Marvel at the breathtaking scenery and experience one-of-a-kind travel. Our itinerary includes centrally located hotels, private transfers, guided sightseeing tours with local professional guides, as well as a variety of authentic activities as standard, but our team of destination specialists will make sure to customize it to your preferences. Set off for a scenic journey through Alaska with your camera in hand!

Things To Do & Places To See in Alaska

Take advantage of diving deep into Alaska's sights & experiences

Don't miss out on Alaska's spine-chilling scenery. Take advantage of Alaska's stunning scenery and don't miss visiting this majestic state. It is indeed a paradise for fans of nature, but those who are interested in touring the bustling cities, learning more about the culture, or visiting museums or theaters will also find plenty to enjoy here.

Highlights of Alaska tours
  • Hiking tour in the Exit Glacier
  • Cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Northern Lights hunt in Anchorage
  • Exploration of the Spencer Lake Icebergs
  • Whale watching in Juneau
  • Visit to the Portage Glacier

Alaska Travel Tips

Find out how to visit Alaska and take a tour of one of the most picturesque locations on earth.

Read more about travel tips for visiting Alaska.

  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack comfortable and warm clothing and a waterproof jacket as the weather can often be unpredictable.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping in Alaska is optional yet appreciated; you can tip up to 15-20% of the total bill if you have enjoyed the service.

  • Currency

    Having some local currency on hand is always a good idea. Local currency in Alaska is the American dollar.

  • Food

    Don’t miss the chance to savour local cuisine and taste such specialties as King Crab Legs or Reindeer sausage.

  • Souvenirs

    Alaska’s state stone is jade; thus, works of art with the stone make great souvenirs; so do local types of sweets and other specialties.

  • When to travel

    The best time depends on your weather and activity preferences as there are plenty to see and do in Alaska throughout the year!