Best Things to Do in Alaska

Best Things to Do in Alaska

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Everyone has their own reasons for taking a trip to Alaska. For some it's wanting to experience “true” winter for the first time, for others it’s the desire to return to the magical place of a never-ending frosty fairytale that keeps on amazing.

Be it as it may, one thing ties all these people together, and that is a feeling of trueborn happiness that arises from simply looking at the distant landscapes that stun you with their depth and flavor and realizing that the world is a magnificent place full of surprises.

Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise

You can get a perfect introduction to the world of Alaska and its unspoken rules of nature by going on a cruise that will take you around the Kenai Fjord National Park which starts its sailing journey in Seward.

On your trip, you will get to see the area untouched by humans of the Northwestern Fjords and how the animal life there continues to blossom on its own terms. As you sail close past the shore, you will have a chance to gaze at the beautiful coastal forests and glaciers that are the bread and butter of Alaska.

Rest your legs and indulge in the fabulous landscapes from the comfort of the cruise deck and familiarise yourself with Alaska’s native flora and fauna.

Otter in the wild

Chena Hot Springs

Been exploring all day long and feel the cold deep in your bones? This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Chena Hot Spring Resort that is located 56-miles from Fairbanks.

The natural hot springs contain a high amount of silica in the water, which helps with softening your skin, plus the mineral content of sulfur springs interacts with the chemical found in your outer skin layers that helps skin conditions like acne. Besides serving as a great skin detox method that doesn’t take a toll on your body, it is sure to warm you up and help you feel cozy before a good night’s sleep after a day of Alaskan discoveries!

Chena hot spring

Exit Glacier Hike by Helicopter

Let us make your first helicopter trip a remarkable one to cherish by including an astonishing view to go with the air hike! The ride begins from the Airport in Seward and its path lies across the grand rugged mountains which you can overlook from this unique bird’s eye view. As you continue your journey through the clouds, the landscapes will merge into one another forming a lively blossoming forest and seemingly endless frost fields that your gaze freezes to.

After the ride is concluded, you will depart at the Exit Glacier and will have time to explore it by foot to see the festival of colours that are reflected from the depth of the glacier onto the surface.

Exit Glacier hike

Dog Sledding Full-Day Tour

Amongst many fun things to do in Alaska, dog sledding, for many first-time travelers, takes the cake. After being taught in training how to mush the rails, you will be given the opportunity to put your newly learned skill to use and ride along a 10 kilometer “mini-expedition” trail. Riding in a dog-sled team of a lead musher and tail musher will ensure your safety during the ride and surround you with even more beautiful Alaskan huskies to admire.

After you arrive at your destination you can thank the huskies by interacting with them. Everyone knows them for their playfulness and affectionate personality, so perhaps just a pat won't be enough.

Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Snowmobile Adventure

For the people who live for speed, we present to you a snowmobile adventure along the North Pole. With a top speed of 95 miles per hour, you can zoom through the vast snow-topped landscape as if you are gliding through the air. And it feels like it too! You will be able to travel through frozen lakes, rivers, and snowy terrain smoothly to reach remote mountains and forests. After concluding your ride, you are welcome to sit down and relax at a table with a warm beverage after the rush of adrenaline.

Ride on a snowmobile

Evening Northern Lights Escape

Northern lights are a phenomenon that is easily explained by science, however, leaves an unexplainable feeling of happiness and warmth within the observer. The beauty of northern lights in the starry sky at night is one of the greatest spectacles able to be observed from Earth. Of all northern lights viewing locations scattered throughout the state, arguably the best place to see northern lights in Alaska is in Fairbanks.

From August 21 to April 21 the night sky begins the colourful dance after around 10pm and can take up to 4 hours to cover the sky in green and blue hues. Find a vast flat terrain ideally surrounded by trees to prevent the harsh wind blows from distracting you from the show above and get ready to experience Alaskan natural beauty in all its glory.

Northern Lights

Why do we see northern lights?
Electrically charged particles emitted from the sun’s surface during solar storms that travel towards the Earth, when reaching our magnetic field are carried towards the north and south poles where they release energy which can be seen in the sky.

Being a one of a kind place, Alaska helps bring out the inner child within and sparks an interest to try something new. With the amount of activities exclusively available in Alaska, your adventure is sure to be filled with daily discoveries and fun from whatever you decide to do. Choose from a wide selection of Alaska tours, select the itinerary that suits your desires and remember to pack warm clothes in your luggage. Your trip begins here!